Clear to fly!

Today is my clearance day in Singapore office, clearance to fly back home.

Many of my colleagues & friends told me why you are so adamant in going back in this difficult global recession period. I don’t know what to answer? I really didn’t answer & I don’t want to!  it’s my decision and this decision is not wrong; also people who are close to my heart are very happy in this decision.

Tomorrow I will breath different air, the air may be polluted/dirt than the place where I am now; but that is the air which made me who I am now.

I am ready to experience again the longest beach, crowded streets, food, society, people, traffic, friends & family.



Watching chinese movies with chinese crowd & dont know even a bit in chinese is a weird experience for me last friday. This movie in particular dragged my interest because of martial arts, obviously I can’t watch movie without understanding the dialogue or story; anyway this movie carries english subtitle.

Donnie Yen (IP MAN)Most of the martial arts movie I watched till now used to revolve around one point (Revenge); I expected the same thing in this movie as well, but to my surprise this movie is the story of the real life legendary martial arts master eep mun famously known as Master IP.

Master IP  lived in a china town “Fo Shang” which is famous for martial arts school, teaching and people lived here practise martial arts for hobby; he is rich & best martial arts player in the town and nobody dare to fight against him or won him, Life goes pleasantly, leisure & happily.

In 1938 Japan invaded the china province and captured Fo Shang,  as a turning point Master IP residence is used as headquarters by the Japan army; he and his family pushed to poverty.

Now story revolves how he and his family survived and escaped to Hong kong.

Master IP influenced many & one of the famous person is Bruce Lee.

Donnie Yen acted as Master IP, his martial arts talent is added advantage to his acting as Master IP. Finally the ultimate goal of the movie is not to showcase the martial arts, but to highlight positive moral & principles of master IP.


Jurong Bird Park!

After 3 weeks of work pressure, me & lakshmi manage to visit bird park last sunday (7th Dec). We started early by 10.30 AM and reached there by 11.30 AM because it is sunday and we both wake up late, so we decided to have brunch in bird park itself.

When I went to ticket counter, smart & well advertised LCD panels display the below ticket charges,
Admission: S$ 18
Panorail: s$5
Below are the packages they offer,
Bird Park + Zoo: S$30
Bird Park + Zoo + Night Safari: S$40

Packages are really attracting but already I went to Night Safari long back… (ofcourse before I start blogging…),  still package with Zoo is attractive for me but lakshmi suggested not to go as she can get me some free pass for it.

After brunch we started our adventure of bird park starting from African wetlands… Park has plenty of bird varieties and they are very well managed, still the nasty smell of some bird section is horrible (I suggest better have a perfume, it will be handy in some section of the park).

I liked Larry loft bird feeding, Bird of prey (Hawk), Parrot paradise & penicon cove. Huh! I forget to mention they also have bird shows from 10.00 am to 6.00pm; we planned to attend 2 shows one penicon cove chit chat (2.00 pm) & Hawk bird of prey show (4.00 pm) both are good especially the later one was awesome…

You should not miss African Waterland, a beautiful scenary section with birds and nature coupled together… beautiful waterfall and greenery environment in this section will make you feel you are inside deep forest of africa, it was a pleasant surprise for both of us; we had plenty of photoshoot and spent lot of time in African waterland.

Overall, it is a wonderful place and must see if you are in/planning for singapore.

Vaaranam Aayiram

Finally, I got the tickets on sunday night 10.30 show… no other chance as in singapore the movie is running full packed so I didn’t mind going @ 10.30 PM

Surya was army major and on the mission to critical rescue operation, he got the news of his father’s death; this is how the story begins and he start telling about his life, about his childhood, his school, college, first love, failure, difficult times & his coming back, all this stages are wonderfully portrayed.

In all this stages Surya dominated the screen & show us a mature acting skills. Still I don’t believe the way he came as 12th standard student it was really cool his physique, manerism & etc etc was made to believe he is really so young… hats off to surya for his physique, I believe his dedication to the project is his biggest strenght (keep it up Surya).

My favourite
I like the train sequences of Surya and Sameera, till sameera’s exit I enjoyed the movie a lot it was full of energy & full of love. I like many parts of the movie and I really felt bore in certain part of the movie, what I believe if Gautham made it less than 3 hours then it would be right formula & good as I felt more emotional because of the length. 

I ranked the song “mundhinam parthane…” in first place “nenjinil peidhidum….” in second that is before watching the movie but when I saw the picturisation of the song “nenjinil peidhidum….” it simply scored my heart.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and also felt it won’t be big hit as I can see lot of people commenting and joking some scenes & in the second half they were litrally started commenting each and every scene; so I believe it will take more time for us to understand this kind of movies & recognise it…

These are all my views and not the review, If you like Surya then you should watch this movie because the movie is full of Surya.

Run to gym…

After 3 months, I started going to gym; I was compulsive and prepared the exercise chart too for daily entry. First day it was normal (no pain) because I did jogging and simply stretching my muscles, second day I want to stress my muscles little bit so decided to jog for 2 km, 1000 meters rowing, doing some weights for chest  & shoulder, bars, pushups, inclined situps(abdomen).

Jogging, I ran constantly @ the speed of 7 km/hr for 18 minutes and completed the 2.28 km without any pain; as I am running in treadmill it will urge you to take the 5 minutes cool down. Totally 2.48 km in 23 minutes (I know it is not good timing but I felt great to complete this much in second day & first time).

Rowing, target is to complete the 1000 meters in 5 minutes; I concetrated, struggled and when I complete the 1000 meters the time was 5:16 minutes, if I maintain the constant speed then I would have achieved the 5 minutes but erroneously I picked up fast in first 2 minutes which made my muscles tired and unsupportive for the next 3 minutes, next time I need to follow invariant speed.

Chest, I dont want my muscle to cry in the second day, so I did bench with less weight.

Shoulder, same like chest passed easily with less weight (making ready for future weeks)

Double bar, first thing strike my mind was why shouldn’t I try it because I believed my shoulders are strong enough to hold my own weight (obviously I forget I am overweight, HA! HA! HA! ) then comes the price I am not able to push after 5th count, hands are shaking and finally I completed with 3 sets of 5 each.

Till here I am half way through;

Pushups, “Hey! I am good at it” so I took it with full confidence and when I was in count 11, know what happened? I was lying in the floor,  my hands are shaking more approriate word is dancing; but I didn’t give up and either moved from count 11, completed 3 sets with 10 counts each.

Inclined situps(abdomen), “I am zero in this” it was horrible like I went to hell 3 times and came back; I mean 3 sets with random counts in each sets; average 6 counts.

Anyway, it was good experience & will improve slowly… know, by who I am inspired? Hrithik & Surya… ( HA! HA! HA! HA! know what? my weight is 78 kg)

Deepavali @ Little India

My second deepavali celebration all alone in Singapore; usually I call 2 important person on that day, 1st my mom and 2nd my fiancee (present), lover (past) & wife (future). what surprises me was there particular question, whether singapore celebrate deepavali? it is actually good question because I didn’t shared my previous year experience with them, so they thought I won’t be getting leave as well.

Coming to deepavali celebration in Singapore

Little India  well known place for indians in singapore, deepavali will be celebrated with lots of light decoration all over all the streets in Little India, this year they have extended more lighting and covered all the streets almost they were switched ON for the past 1 month.

Crackers are banned in singapore so most of the deepavali fun is missing, like we can’t enjoy the skies in the night of deepavali how we are doing in India. In simple words, India – deepavali was full fun, enjoyment & beautiful & here it is another public holiday. 

But Little India is happening place during deepavali because of shopping, stage programmes, food & long walk in the streets are really great fun; this year I went to deepavali shopping few days before and when I went to explore it was rush, for 30 minutes I felt like in Chennai (T.Nagar)

Eventhough I celebrated deepavali alone it was different experience this year.

Canon Powershot SX110 IS

After many days of research I found & bought Canon Powershot SX110 IS. It was handy, good image quality, clarity, 10x zoom & within my budget of 500 SGD (price of this camera in singapore is 499SGD).

Below are some of the reviews I went through about this camera,

Anyway I tried comparing with other camera’s as well, funny part is I took 1 hour to buy this camera in the “Harvey Norman” shop; trying zoom, various modes and image quality.

Below image was taken in Night Mode with 10x zoom; this was the top elevation of 40 storey building.

Below image is taken in Night mode without zoom, you can see the image quality and clarity.

Other samples, 


Last 2 images are my favourite!